Tarmac driveway cost

One of the most popular materials for driveways across the UK, the average cost of tarmac per square metre is around £40.

Providing a highly durable and low-maintenance driveway surface, it’s fairly simple to install and can create a uniform look for any property.

tarmac driveway cost

How much do tarmac driveway costs?

Tarmac driveway costs can vary across the UK, so getting quotes from local tradespeople will give you a more accurate figure. Here’s our rough price guide to give you an idea.

Driveway size Average cost
Small drive 20m2 £800 – 1,200
Medium drive 50m2 £1,800 – 2,800
Large drive 100m2 £2,800 – 4,500

What other factors affect the cost of a tarmac driveway?

Several factors will affect the overall cost of your new driveway.


For smaller jobs like repairing potholes and cracks, a cold lay tarmac may be suitable which is considerably cheaper than a hot-mix tarmac. 25kg bags of cold lay range from £7- 15, whereas hot-mix costs around £50- 70/tonne.

Driveway size and condition

Ultimately, the larger the drive the more tarmac is required and the longer it takes to install – all of which affects the price.

Similarly, if the drive is in poor condition or has a surface that needs removing before the tarmac is laid, this too will have an impact on the cost.

Additional equipment hire

Something that will be factored into your quote will be the hire of equipment like skips, diggers, and compactors. All of which could add hundreds of pounds to the total.


If you live in London or the south west, you could see an increase of 20% on average tarmac driveway costs.

Tarmac types

Two grade types are typically used for residential driveways: close-graded and open-graded. Close-graded provides a more flawless finish because the aggregate particles tend to be a lot smaller, however open-graded is more permeable making it more suitable for wetter climes.

Tarmac driveway FAQs

Is a tarmac driveway cheaper than block paving?

You can expect to pay more for a block paved drive than a tarmacked one. Materials for tarmac are often cheaper and it tends to be less labour intensive than block paving.

However, block paving tends to only be around 10% more expensive than tarmac and can have a greater positive impact on the value of your property. So, it’s always worth weighing up your options.

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