Gravel driveway cost

Create an attractive driveway with gravel. Available in a whole host of colours, materials, and sizes, it’s the perfect addition for added kerb appeal.

Costing around £60 per sq m is much cheaper than many alternative driveway materials.

How much does a gravel driveway cost?

Gravel driveway costs can vary depending on several factors, however, gravel tends to be the perfect option if you’re on a budget. To find out what the average cost of a gravel driveway is in the UK, we asked My Local Toolbox customers.

Size of driveway Typical costs
Replace gravel only (40 sq m) £1,000 – 1,300
Small driveway (20 sq m) £1,300 – 1,800
Medium driveway (40 sq m) £2,000 – £2,600
Large driveway (80 sq m) £3,000 – 3,800

What factors affect gravel driveway costs?

When getting a quote for the cost of gravel, there’ll be certain things that will affect the overall price.

gravel driveway costs

Where you live

Depending on where in the country you live will have an impact on labour costs. London and the southeast tend to see labour charges around 20% higher than other parts of the UK. The cost of labour can be anywhere from £150 to around £300 per day.

Materials you’re using

Gravel can vary widely in price depending on the size, colour, and rock type, as well as if it’s being mixed on-site or if it’s ready mixed. You should expect to pay around £50 – 60 per 800kg bag of gravel.

Preparation of ground

If you’re installing a new gravel driveway, the cost will be higher than if you’re replacing a drive. Depending on the amount of excavation and waste removal required, you could be looking at an additional cost of anywhere between £300 – 500.

The size of the driveway

The larger your drive – the more your gravel driveway will cost.

Additional materials

You should budget for a weed-proof membrane to sit on top of your sub-base. These cost around £40 depending on the size.

If you’re installing a gravel driveway from scratch, a sub-base will be required. Typically, you’ll pay around £450.

Skip hire and council permits may be needed too, but your contractor will be able to sort them out and factor them into your quote.

Gravel driveway FAQs

Do I need planning permission?

No. Gravel driveways are classed as a porous material, even if you upgrade your gravel for a resin bond you don’t need planning permission.

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