Block paving cost

Block paving is a popular choice for many suburban homes. Often combining the same hues as the house, block paving creates an attractive first impression.

The cost of block paving tends to be greater than other driveway materials.

A small driveway will cost around £3,000, whilst a larger driveway or more complex designs can be more around £7,000.

block paving cost

How much does block paving cost?

When we asked our customers who had used My Local Toolbox to find local contractors to lay block paving, we found block paving costs varied depending on several factors. Our table below will give you an idea of the cost of laying block paving.

Type of paving Typical costs
Block paving driveway £3,000 – 7,000
Block paving per m2 £75 – 100
Permeable block paving per m2 £30 – 60
Concrete block paving per m2 £19 – 48
Block paving removal £150 – 200 / day

What factors affect block paving costs?

If you’re considering block paving, some factors will affect the cost.


Location can have a huge impact on the cost of laying block paving. Broadly speaking, London is one of the most expensive places in the UK for any sort of building work. Homeowners can expect to pay between £4,500 – 5,000 in the capital, whereas those who live in Northern England, could pay anywhere between £3,500 – 3,750.


Block pavers are available in a whole host of materials. Concrete block paving (CBP) tends to be the cheapest type of block paving and is the most widely used due to the variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures on offer.

However, natural stone tends to have a greater impact on the value of a property when used, despite it being more expensive to use.

Size of patio or driveway

Like a patio or driveway installation, the size of the area will impact the overall cost. The larger the space, the more expensive it will be.

Final design

If you’re looking to create an ornate patio or driveway design it comes at a cost. The shapes you choose could also seriously impact your bottom line, with more organic shapes like circles or ovals driving the price up. You could also encounter a higher percentage of bricks chipping or cracking during the process too.


If you already have pavers laid, you might incur additional charges for them to be removed and replaced. Equally, if the land needs levelling, then this too should be considered.

Block paving cost FAQ

What are the different types of paving?

The majority of block paving prices are for clay or concrete bricks, however, other types of bricks can be used. Whilst they tend to be more expensive, more expensive brick types can have the greatest impact on the value of a property.

Natural stone is a popular choice if you have a larger budget, but the cost of installing is negated by the value it can add.

Brick is another popular choice for homeowners looking to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

A less common type of paver material is composite resin. Environmentally friendly and extremely durable, they’re a great alternative to more traditional materials.

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