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What jobs do painters and decorators do?

Professional painter and decorators offer a variety of painting and decorating services, from interior painting and decorating, such as applying paint and hanging wallpaper to painting exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures such as fences, sheds and garage doors.

Interior painters and decorators

Painters and decorators can help make your house a home. Whether you’ve just moved in or fancy a change, they can help make it your own.

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Exterior painters

Painting the outside of a house is not for the faint hearted. For one there’s usually a large surface area to paint. But more to the point it’ll almost certainly involve climbing a ladder and painting at height to cover everything.

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Ready to get quotes from painters and decorators (it's free)?

Why hire a painter and decorator?

Even if you’re a dab hand at DIY, sometimes calling in a painter and decorator to do the job is the most time effective solution.

The right equipment

It’s not just getting the preparation right that will be the difference between a good job and a great one, but the tools too. When you hire a painter and decorator, they’ll have all the right equipment for the job, meaning you won’t have to invest in materials and tools that you might not use again.

Overall cost

Paying for painting and decorating services may seem like a cost you’d rather do without. The reason most people part with their hard earned money to hire a painter and decorator is to save on time and the hassle of doing it yourself. Who really wants to spend their weekends painting and decorating when they could be doing something far more enjoyable?!


Preparation is key to a professional finish and unless you know exactly what prep is needed for your chosen paint, varnish, wallpaper etc, then you might not get the flawless or long-lasting results you’re looking for.

Thanks to their vast expertise and experience, a professional decorator will know how to prepare each surface to ensure longevity.


When you hire a painter and decorator you know that when the job is finished you won’t have the problem of cleaning up any paint splatters or making sure the equipment is cleaned and stored properly. Instead, your house will be as clean and tidy as it was – but with a brand-new look.


Perhaps one of the main benefits of choosing a professional painter and decorator is the time you’ll save. Re-decorating a room or painting a house is time-consuming, and what can seem like a simple job can take much longer.

What should I expect my painter and decorator to do?

The job you have asked your painter and decorator to do will determine the steps they will need to follow. Most painters and decorators will expect some level of preparation by the homeowner before they start.

This could be anything from removing furniture from the room entirely, moving large pieces of furniture away from the walls or picking paint colours.

This will not only help make the job quicker but will ensure a professional and flawless finish.

If you’re unsure what painting and decorating services your chosen painter or decorator provides and what you need to do ahead of their arrival, you should talk to them beforehand and make sure you know what services you are and aren’t paying for.

Ready to get quotes from painters and decorators (it's free)?

Painter and decorator FAQs

How much do painter and decorators cost?

The cost of painting and decorating services is dependent on several factors. Including the type of painting and decorating required, the preparation the job will entail, and any specialist equipment they might need for the job, such as scaffolding.

We’ve created some handy cost guides to help give you more of an idea. But we’d always recommend posting your job on our site to get quotes from painters and decorators near you.

What’s the difference between a painter and decorator?

The main difference between a painter and a decorator is the depth of knowledge and skills a decorator must have compared with a painter. Decorators can help with the design scheme of your project, as well as stripping and hanging wallpaper, restoration, and of course painting.

Because of their skill set, decorators tend to be more expensive than painters and are qualified to do more.

What makes a good painter and decorator?

There are no hard and fast rules with regards to what makes a ‘good’ painter and decorator, but there are a few things you should look for:

  • First impressions: Do they meet your standards? Good painters and decorators, in fact, any professional tradespeople, will strive to be as professional as possible. From promptly replying to messages, to making sure they show up on time. They should also have some examples of their work and client reviews – and be happy to share them with you.
  • They can give you a fixed quote in writing: A good tradesperson should have enough experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with a fixed price quote, without applying pressure for you to hire them.
  • They have all the equipment they need: A good painter and decorator will have all the tools and equipment they need to get the job done. They’ll also tell their clients if there’s a delay or a problem and will make sure they do any repairs to the walls which are needed, before they start on the main work.

What qualifications do painter and decorators need?

There are no official qualifications that a painter and decorator is required to have, but there are apprenticeships in painting and decorating available. Most painters and decorators learn their trade on the job.

If your painter and decorator has worked on a construction site, they might hold a qualification in construction skills, but this isn’t essential for general painting and decorating services.

What questions should I ask a painter and decorator?

Before you hire a painter or decorator there are some key questions you should ask them to make sure they’ll deliver the finish that you’re looking for.

  • What will their exact process be? You’ll want to find out what their process is to ensure your job is finished to the highest standards. You should also find out if there’s anything they need you to do before they start. For example, if you’ve hired a painter to paint straight onto plaster, it will be your responsibility to make sure the plaster has a smooth render. And if not, you may need to hire a plasterer before a painter, or a decorator might be required to hang lining paper.
  • How much will the job cost? Ideally get at least three painters and decorators to look at your job and provide you with a detailed quote. You’ll want to get everything in writing, that breaks everything down, including labour and material costs. That way you’ll know exactly where your money is going.
  • How long will the project take? Asking about the duration will not only help give you a timeline for your project, but it will also reveal their level of expertise. Inexperienced tradespeople might wildly under or over estimate how long a job will take. Always speak to several painters and decorators so you can tell if one is getting it wrong.
  • How much experience do they have? Professional painters and decorators should have a wealth of experience. Ask them if they have any relevant or recent experience of your type of job.
  • Do they have any testimonials or reviews? If possible, ask if you can see any of their previous work or if they have any reviews or testimonials from recent clients. This will enable you to not only see the quality of their work, but also understand what they’re like to work with.
  • Will they be providing the materials? Whilst most painters will provide the paint, it’s always worth double checking if they’ll be supplying all the materials. If you’re having to provide materials like wallpaper, make sure it is all on site at the start of the job to avoid wasting time and money.

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To get quotes from painters and decorators near you – post a job now.