How much does it cost to paint a house?

Looking to update your exterior?

You can expect to pay anywhere from £550 – £1,800 depending on the size and type of your property. You might also need to factor in additional costs such as scaffolding and even parking charges.

First impressions count and none more so when it comes to your property. Giving the exterior of your home a spruce up will not only transform its kerb appeal, but it could increase its value.

Read our cost guide below for more detail.

How much does it cost to paint a house?

The average cost to paint the exterior of a house is dependent on several factors. To get a true idea of costs, we recommend getting at least three independent quotes from local painters in your area.

We spoke to homeowners who used My Local Toolbox and asked them how much it was to paint their house. These estimates should give you a rough idea when budgeting for your project.

These are ball park figures – to get accurate quotes from house painters near you post a job.

House type Size Duration Cost
Terraced house 2-3 bedrooms 3 – 5 days £550 – £750
Semi-detached house 3 bedrooms 4 – 5 days £700 – £1,000
Detached house 3-4 bedrooms 4 – 7 days £900 – £1,800
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What other factors affect the cost?

The cost to paint a house can vary greatly from property to property based on several factors.

Property condition

If the exterior needs repair work, such as filling cracks or replacing render, the cost of painting the house will increase.

Preliminary work, including cleaning and masking will also affect the overall cost.

Materials required

If you must hire scaffolding, this can increase the cost by another £400-£600.

The paint you use will also impact the price. A more expensive, high-quality paint can be costly but in the long-term, worthwhile. Not only is the paint more likely to give a longer-lasting coverage, but more expensive paints tend to require only one coat of paint as opposed to two.

Property size

Obviously, if you live in a larger house, it will require more time and more paint, which will impact the price.

Exterior finish

A textured finish can increase the cost of painting a house and can almost double the duration it takes to complete the job.


Where you live influences how much it costs to paint a house exterior. The UK average for those living in a city is around £35/m2, whilst those living in rural areas can expect to pay £29/m2, and London homeowners will pay a premium at around £40/m2.


It’s not just location and house size that can impact the overall cost of painting a house, but the season too. Typically, the best time to paint a house is late spring to early autumn. But you may find that prices increase during this time as demand increases.

Experience of the painter

The experience and reputation of the house painter you hire will impact the overall cost of painting a house. You may also find that there is a difference between a sole trader and a painter that works for a larger company. Usually larger companies will have to charge you VAT and will have overheads they need to cover.

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House painting FAQs

How much does it cost to paint a house in London?

Expect to pay a minimum of £600 to paint a small house in London. The price will increase to several thousand pounds or more for large properties in affluent boroughs.

How long will it take to paint my house?

How long it takes to paint the exterior of a house will depend on the size as well as the weather, but you should a minimum of 3 days for a small property and up to 7 for a large one.

What do I need to consider when painting my house?

If you’re thinking of painting your house, you should consider what exactly you want to paint. Is it just the walls or do you want the windows and doors to be painted as well? Just painting the walls can make the other parts of the house look rundown.

You also need to think about whether you want everything painted the same colour or if you want to use a contrasting colour. For example, do you want the window surrounds to stand out or if you live in a mock-Tudor home do you want to keep the black wood effect against the white?

It’s not just the colour you need to consider, but the paint itself. If you’re not sure what type of exterior paint you need, you can consult with your painter before they start the job and ask if the cost of the paint is included in the quote.

Are there any restrictions with painting a house?

Unless you live in a listed building then there are no real restrictions when painting the exterior of any building. However, if you choose a colour or style that isn’t in keeping with the rest of the local area, you may be ordered to restore your property.

If scaffolding needs to be on a footpath, a licence from the local council will be required. The painter may be able to take care of getting the licence and you should ask if it is included in the house painting cost, however, you should check the documents ahead of the work starting.

A licence can cost anywhere from £60 to £120 for one month.

How often do houses need to be painted?

How often your house needs to be painted is dependent on the weather and the quality of the paint used, as well as the condition of your walls.

Generally, every 10 years is the consensus when it comes to painting the exterior of a house.

How much paint do I need to paint the outside of my house?

To paint an average sized 3-bed semi, you’ll need around 30-50 litres of paint.

How can I save money on painting a house exterior?

If you’re looking to keep the cost of painting your house down, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Check the quote carefully: Make sure there aren’t any hidden costs, and that VAT is included if applicable.
  2. Use high quality paint: Paying more for good paint will save you money in the long run. Typically, you’ll only require one coat of paint as opposed to two, and the coverage will last much longer.
  3. Book your painter in advance: Because the window for exterior painting is only a few months, you should look to book your painter in advance to avoid last-minute price increases.
  4. Clear any space around the house: Ensure that when your painter arrives, they can start the job straight away. Cut back any shrubs or remove any items that are in the way.
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