Cost to replace fascias, soffits & guttering

If your fascia, soffit, and guttering can’t be repaired due to irreversible damage, then it’s likely time for a full replacement.

Replacing your fascia, soffit and guttering has many benefits, the biggest of which is that it will help to protect your roof from harsh weather conditions and the potential of costly damage in the future.

The cost to replace your soffit and fascia will depend on several factors which we’ll explore in this cost guide.

Cost to replace fascias and soffits?

On average, it costs between £80-100 per metre to replace a fascia, and between £100-120 per metre to replace a soffit. The total cost will most likely be in the region of £2,700.

fascia, soffit and guttering replacement costs

When working out the potential cost to replace a soffit and fascia, the main factor to consider is the size of your home. The best way to get a quote to replace your fascia and soffit is to find a specialist using My Local Toolbox. They’ll be able to access the level of work needed to correct your issue and work out the costs involved to complete the work.

Alternatively, the table below features the most popular types of homes in the UK and their average fascia and soffit replacement costs, depending on size.

House type Gutter length Replacement Average cost Average duration
Flat 18m Fascia £1,620 1 day
Soffit £1,980 1 day
Terraced house 25m Fascia £2,250 1 day
Soffit £2,750 1 day
Bungalow 30m Fascia £2,700 1 day
Soffit £3,300 1 day
Semi-detached house 38m Fascia £3,420 2 days
Soffit £4,180 2 days
Detached house 48m Fascia £4,320 2 days
Soffit £5,280 2 days
There is however an array of additional factors which may add to your final bill to complete the fascia and soffit replacement.

Factors affecting fascia and soffit installation cost

The material you choose for your new fascia and soffit will have a large impact on the final cost of the replacement. uPVC is the most popular material used in the UK for fascia, soffit, and gutter replacements, costing around £10 per metre.

The material is extremely durable, cost-effective and will continue to be in good shape for 50 years or more. The nature of uPVC also means that your fascia and soffit won’t suffer from shedding, flaking or general discolouration which would have a detrimental impact on your home’s appearance.

Below is a price chart of the most popular materials used to carry out fascia and soffit replacements, including their cost per metre.

Fascia/soffit material Average cost per metre
uPVC £10
Steel £15
Aluminium £45
Wood £150

Besides the size of your home and the material you use, other additional cost factors will largely depend on your circumstances. They include:

  • Location: Costs are likely to be higher depending on where you’re based in the UK, with cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh being more expensive to carry out the work.
  • Waste disposal: If the original fascia and soffit needs to be removed, along with other materials, it will cost around £100 per week for a skip.
  • Labour rates: A fascia, soffit and gutter specialist will cost between £20-40 per hour.

When you receive a quote for a fascia, soffit, and gutter specialist, it will include a breakdown of all the costs involved in the work.

Cost of installing fascias and soffits caps

It costs between £25-75 per metre to install fascia and soffit caps. On average, the total cost of installing fascia and soffit caps will be around £1,500, depending on the size of your home.

The major benefit of capping is that it prevents water from penetrating your existing fascia and soffit, which can cause the timber to rot. Capping is also more cost-effective than a full fascia and soffit replacement. For example, it would cost £1,250 on average to cap the existing soffit of a terraced house, whereas it would cost around £2,750 to replace it.

The table below outlines the average cost of a professional tradesperson installing fascia and soffit caps, along with how long you can expect the work to take.

House type Gutter length Average cost Average duration
Flat 18m £900 1 day
Terraced house 25m £1,250 1 day
Bungalow 30m £1,500 1 day
Semi-detached house 38m £1,900 2 days
Detached house 48m £2,400 2 days
Like the cost to replace a soffit and fascia, there are several cost factors to consider when working out how much capping them will cost.

Cost factors of capping fascias and soffits

The material of the fascia and soffit caps will be the main factor that determines the cost of the work, with uPVC being the most affordable and wood being the most expensive. Fascias and soffits made from wood are often the most attractive and adds a pleasing aesthetic to your home. They’re also environmentally friendly and available in an array of different colours.

Below is a table highlighting the cost per metre of various fascia and soffit cap materials.

Fascia/soffit cap material Average cost per metre
uPVC £5
Steel £10
Aluminium £25
Wood £70

Along with what type of material you use, there are three other components of capping your fascia and soffit to consider before starting the work. They include:

  • Location: If you live in London, Birmingham, or other major cities in the UK, the cost of the work may be higher than in other areas.
  • Waste disposal: A skip will cost in the region of £100 per week if any damaged materials need to be removed as part of the work.
  • Labour rates: It costs between £20-40 per hour to hire a fascia, soffit, and gutter specialist, but this can vary.

How much to paint fascias and soffits?

If you’re thinking of getting a local expert to carry out a fascia, soffit, and gutter replacement on your property, it might be a good idea to finish the job by getting the area painted. It costs between £20 and £40 per metre to paint a fascia and soffit, with the total cost likely being in the region of £850.

Depending on the size of your home, the work will normally take between 2-4 days to complete.

The table below outlines the approximate cost of getting your fascia and soffit painted.

House type Gutter length Average cost Average duration
Flat 18m £540 2 days
Terraced house 25m £750 2 1/2 days
Bungalow 30m £900 3 days
Semi-detached house 38m £1,140 3 1/2 days
Detached house 48m £1,440 4 days

Additional Factors

Some factors may impact the cost of getting your fascia and soffit painted that you should keep in mind, including:

  • Ease of access: It’s important the specialist can get to your fascia and soffit without being restricted by the likes of overhanging trees.
  • Cleaning: If your fascia and soffit need to be cleaned before painting can begin, then that might incur an extra cost which is outlined below.
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Costs for cleaning uPVC gutters and fascias

Ensuring that your fascia, soffit, and gutter is cleaned regularly will stop debris such as twigs and leaves from building up over time. If they are not cleaned, the debris will make it difficult for water to safely flow away from your home. Also, the relatively low cost of a uPVC gutter and soffit clean can make all the difference to the curb appeal of your home.

Gutters – £35

  • All debris will be removed from the gutter.
  • Extension poles and air blowers will be used to clean the gutter.
  • The downspout will be tested to check if there’s a clear route for the water to escape.

Fascias and soffits – £25

  • The area will be soaked in water to expel the debris.
  • A pressure washer will be used to spray the fascia and soffit with detergent.
  • To finish, the specialist will spray the area with water to wash the detergent away.

Fascias, soffits and guttering FAQ

Do you need scaffolding?

The official guidance from Health and Safety Executive, the UK government body responsible for worker wellbeing, is that “There is no maximum height for using a ladder. However, where a ladder rises 9 metres or more above its base, landing areas or rest platforms should be provided at suitable intervals”. The average height of a 2-storey house in the UK is 9 metres, meaning it will often be up to the fascia, soffit and gutter specialist working on your property if they require scaffolding.

If you do need scaffolding to carry out a fascia and soffit replacement, you can expect the cost to be between £300-700 which will be added to the overall cost of the work.

The table below outlines how much you can expect to pay for scaffolding depending on the size of your home.

House type Average cost of scaffolding
Flat £280
Terraced house £350
Bungalow £530
Semi-detached house £850
Detached house £950

Visit our fascias and soffits page for more insights on what to consider when calculating the cost to replace fascias, soffits and guttering. If you have more questions on fascias, soffits and guttering replacement, from when you should replace your guttering system to do your fascias need to be capped, head over to our fascias, soffits & guttering guide.

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