Cost to repair or replace guttering

If you’ve ever wondered “how much will it cost to replace my guttering” then this cost guide has you covered.

Generally, the cost of a gutter replacement will be in the region of £800 – 1,400 depending on the size of your home. However, there are lots of factors that will determine your final bill which we discuss further on in this cost guide.

Alternatively, you can repair your gutter. The cost of gutter repair is normally in the region of £150, but if it’s a small job such as a downpipe replacement it can be as little as £25.

How much will it cost to replace my gutter?

The biggest factor when deciding between a gutter repair or replacement is the cost. The gutter replacement cost largely depends on two things: the cost of materials per metre and the size of your home. It will normally cost between £25 – 65 per metre to replace your gutter, depending on which material you use.

cost to install new guttering

Aluminium is the most cost-effective material available, costing £25 per metre. It’s also extremely light, meaning compared to other materials it’s very easy to install – lowering the overall cost of the job. Steel and copper cost around £30 per metre on average, with both materials benefiting from being extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing.

A material with the highest gutter replacement cost per metre is cast iron. Its unrivalled lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements mean that it can often be the best investment when compared to other types of guttering.

Below is a table of the different types of guttering and the average cost per metre.

Gutter material Average cost per metre
Aluminium £25
Steel £30
uPVC £30
Copper £30
Cast iron £65

uPVC is the most popular guttering material used in the UK, costing £30 per metre. Of course, the cost of new gutters will depend on the size of your home. The cost of replacing the guttering on a terraced house using uPVC will cost in the region of £750 and take around 1 day to complete. If you own a semi-detached house, the cost to replace your guttering will be slightly higher, totalling between £1000 – 1,200.

The table below estimates how much you can expect your gutter replacement to cost depending on the type of home you own.

House type Gutter length Average cost Average duration
Flat 18m £540 1/2 day
Terraced house 25m £750 1 day
Bungalow 30m £900 1 day
Semi-detached house 38m £1140 1 day
Detached house 48m £1440 1 1/2 days
However, depending on the damage your guttering has sustained, it might be possible to repair rather than replace it.

How much will it cost to repair my gutter?

The cost of a gutter repair will normally be in the region of £100 – 200 in the UK, depending on what repairs are needed. A common repair is resealing or replacing a damaged bracket, as leaving it untreated will likely lead to bigger issues arising in the future such as cracked guttering. It normally costs around £75 to fix, the same price as repairing a gutter leak.

Always make sure to consult a guttering specialist before moving forward with your repair, especially if it’s going to be a bigger, more costly job. For example, replacing a downpipe costs around £25 per metre. With a downpipe normally totalling 7 metres in length, the cost will likely total £175 on average to complete the repair.

Gutter repair costs

Repair Average cost
Brackets £10 per metre
End caps £10 per metre
Membranes £15 per metre
Downpipe £25 per metre
Water butt (100ml) £45
Leaking joint £75
Damaged bracket £75
Blocked guttering £150
Labour £150-250
Concrete gutter removal £500
Soakaway £600

Often called Finlock gutters, concrete gutters were used as an affordable gutter option between the 1950s and 1970s. However, as time went on it was shown that concrete wasn’t a dependable material to construct gutters with, and many have since fallen into disrepair. The cost of a concrete gutter removal will normally be between £400 and £600, depending on the length of your existing gutter.

Cost factors for repair or replacement of guttering

There are several additional factors to consider when working out the cost of a gutter replacement or repair. Dependable tradespeople will give you an itemised bill that will give you a break down of the cost of your roof repair or replacement.

Here are six things to look out for which may impact the total amount of your bill:

  1. Roof type: Gutter installation on a flat roof is a lot easier than on a pitched roof. If you have a flat roof, the gutter specialist will be able to stand while they carry out the work, making the guttering more accessible. A pitched roof will require a ladder and other tools to complete the work, adding extra time to the process.
  2. Location: If you live in one of the UK’s major cities, you’re likely to pay a premium due to the cost of labour being higher in the surrounding area.
  3. Gutter type: The type of guttering you opt for will impact the final cost due to the materials involved, but also its weight. Lighter materials such as aluminium are easier to install and therefore take less time.
  4. Gutter length: Clearly, the length of your guttering will have a large impact on the final cost to repair or replace your gutter. If you live in a bungalow, a gutter replacement will cost in the region of £900, however, if you live in a flat, it will only cost around £540.
  5. Labour rates: The average day rate for a gutter specialist is between £150 – 200. If you’re getting a gutter replacement carried out, this rate will often be included in the overall cost of completing the job. If you’re getting your roof repaired, the labour rate is likely to be the biggest cost, in addition to the materials needed to carry out the work.
  6. Waste disposal: It will cost between £20 – 40 to dispose of any damaged guttering before the repair or replacement of the existing gutter can begin.

Benefits of replacing your gutter

It can be tempting to opt for a gutter repair due to the cost when compared to a gutter replacement. However, if you continually attempt to repair ageing gutters, it can end up costing you more money in the long run. There’s also the potential for more damage to happen to the surrounding area of the gutter, such as the roof, walls, soffits and fascias.

Getting your gutter replaced can add a lot more to your home than just peace of mind. Here are the benefits of a gutter replacement:

Protects your home for the future

If you’re planning on staying in your home for the foreseeable future, opting for a roof replacement makes the best financial sense. Repairs of any nature always tend to be short term fixes, with the potential of incurring more costs in the future. A new gutter maximises its lifespan and protects your home for the future.

Increases the appeal of the home

Not only will it benefit you from a practical standpoint, but a brand-new gutter system will also increase the curb appeal of your home. Anything new and shiny always makes whatever’s around it stands out, and in this case, new guttering will compliment your home perfectly.

Requires less maintenance

As your gutter will be brand-new, it will require less maintenance and repairs than an older gutter. This is because it’s just at the beginning of its lifespan and less can go wrong. New gutters are also more resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Guards against water damage

Water leakage is perhaps the most dangerous thing that can happen to your home because of a poorly maintained gutter, as it can result in structural damage to your roof and walls. Getting a new gutter installed will give you peace of mind that you have the best water protection possible.

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How much do the different types of guttering cost?

There are four main gutter types used in the UK:

  1. Half round
  2. Deep flow
  3. Square
  4. Ogee

Each has its advantages and disadvantages and can greatly change the look of your house should you swap from one for the other during a gutter replacement.

Tradespeople say that ogee is the most popular type of guttering used in the UK today, which costs around £25 per metre on average.

Whatever type of gutter you choose, you can use the handy chart below to work out the cost of a new gutter depending on what material you choose.

Cost of gutter types depending on material (per metre)

Gutter type Aluminium Steel uPVC Copper Cast iron
Half round £25 £18 £4 £30 £22
Deep flow £30 £18 £4 £30 £28
Square £28 £25 £5 £30 £25
Ogee £32 £34 £6 £32 £30

Another common option is half round gutters, costing around the £20 per metre mark. They’re known for being extremely durable with smooth surfaces.

Here’s how much it would cost on average to replace the guttering on different types of homes using half round gutters.

Cost of half round gutter materials on a typical home

House type Gutter length Average cost Average duration
Flat 18m £360 1/2 day
Terraced house 25m £500 1 day
Bungalow 30m £600 1 day
Semi-detached house 38m £760 1 day
Detached house 48m £960 1 day
Make sure to ask your professional guttering specialist about the different types of guttering and their pros and cons before work begins. They’ll be able to give you a steer on which type is best for you.

Hiring checklist: what to look out for

Now you have an idea of the potential cost of your gutter replacement and the factors that contribute to it, it’s time to hire the right professional to carry out the job.

Use our checklist below to help you choose a trusted gutter expert with years of experience and testimonials in gutter repairs or replacement behind them. This will give you peace of mind that the work will be carried out to a high standard, minimising the risk of issues arising again in the future.

  • Testimonials: Having good references from previous customers on platforms such as My Local Toolbox will give you peace of mind that the tradesperson has a long history of happy customers behind them.
  • Accreditations: Check to see if the tradesperson has the proper accreditations from bodies such as TrustMark or the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).
  • Insurance: If the tradesperson has Public Liability Insurance, it will protect you if a member of the public makes a claim against them while working on your property.
  • Examples: Visual examples of previous guttering jobs will help you picture how the tradesperson’s work will fit your home.
  • Specialisms: There are many skilled tradespeople out there, but they all have unique skills. Check to see if the tradesperson is a specialist in repairing or replacing guttering before you give the go-ahead for the work to begin.

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If you have more questions on gutter replacement or repair, from the types of guttering available to you to common problems with guttering and how to diagnose them, head over to our gutter repair or replacement guide.

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