How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

The minimum cost to remove a tree stump generally starts at around £80 for one small stump.

The average cost to remove several small tree stumps or a larger stump typically ranges from around £100 – 350.

The average cost is usually based on the diameter of the stump or stumps plus an amount to cover other costs like travel, equipment, waste removal, etc.

Tree surgeons often work to a figure of around £3 per inch (for the diameter of the stump) and then add on an amount to cover other expenses.

In this guide we cover:

  • The factors that influence tree stump removal costs
  • The difference between stump removal and stump grinding
  • If and why you should consider removing a stump
  • Frequently asked questions

Tree stump removal cost factors

The cost to remove a stump comes down to the following factors:

Size of the stump

The stump’s diameter will determine the base cost. So the larger the stump is, the more it will cost to remove.

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The number of stumps

It’s common for tree surgeons to offer a discounted rate for multiple stumps; however, this will depend on the company.


Labour costs vary across the country, with London and the south-east costing more on average than the north.


If a tree stump is difficult to access, a tree surgeon will struggle to get their equipment to it and will have to account for the additional labour this requires.

Similarly, if it is located near underground pipes or cables or is near to a building/structure, this will require more planning, care and therefore time.

Method of extraction

Manual removal, which involves digging and extracting the stump and root system with a shovel, will cost more for large stumps than stump grinding because it is far more labour intensive and time consuming.

Price structure

How a company prices a job varies across the trade. Most tree surgeons will quote a fixed price, but some may charge per hour.

Type of tree stump

Some tree stumps are harder to remove than others and therefore need more time and labour. For example, an oak tree stump is harder to remove because the wood is denser.

Tree stump grinding cost

What is the difference between stump removal and stump grinding?

The term ‘stump removal’ is often used as an umbrella term to refer to all the different ways of getting rid of a stump – i.e. manual, grinding, chemical or burning. But it also refers to a particular type of removal.

To ‘remove’ a stump means to extract the tree’s root system, as well as the stump. On the other hand, stump grinding only removes the stump.

It’s worth knowing the difference because you should tell your tree surgeon if you want the roots removed as well, rather than just the stump ground down.

What’s more, if you want to plant a new tree in the place where the old tree stood, you will need to remove the roots. This is because the roots from the old tree will take up space where the new roots need to take hold.

On top of this, the decomposition of the old roots will change the soil’s acidity levels, making it harder for the new tree to grow.

Most homeowners opt to leave the roots and let them decay naturally over time. If you’re unsure which method to go for, consult a tree surgeon who will be able to advise you on the right choice for your needs.

For further information about the different processes to remove a tree stump, head over to our tree stump removal guide where we explain each process in more detail.

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Do I have to remove my tree stump?

You don’t have to remove a tree stump if you don’t want to – and if you change your mind, you can have it removed later.

But it is more convenient and cheaper in the long run to remove a stump immediately after the tree has been felled because your tree surgeon is already there on site.

There are some good reasons to consider removing a stump:

  • Safety: A stump can be a health and safety hazard.
  • Aesthetics: Stumps can be an eyesore, so if you’re concerned about the appearance of your garden or landscape, it is probably best to remove it.
  • Pests: Decaying stumps are prone to attracting pests and wood-boring insects. Said pests may spread to other areas and vegetation in your garden or may even lead to an infestation in your house.

Frequently asked questions

Below we cover some of  the frequently asked questions about tree stump removal.

Can I remove a stump myself?

Yes, you can. If you don’t want to pay a professional to remove a tree stump, it is entirely possible to do it yourself using any one of the methods (manual, grinding, chemical).

If you opt for DIY, you may have to invest in some materials and tools, but the expense will still be far cheaper than hiring a tree surgeon.

That said, there are instances in which you may find hiring a professional is the best way to go.

For example, while a stump grinder is relatively straightforward to use and readily available to hire, it is a powerful and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. It is ultimately best left to a specialist who is trained and certified to use one.

Another instance would be if you have multiple stumps to remove as this will take a lot of time and effort, which you may not have.

Is grinding or removal better?

One method is not inherently better than the other. It’s just a matter of your needs. If you’re not concerned about the roots, then grinding is less disruptive, labour intensive and time consuming.

But if you’d like the root system excavated as well, then removal is the better option.

How much does it cost to hire a stump grinder?

The average cost to hire a stump grinder is around £50 – 100 per day.

What do I do with a tree stump hole?

Once a stump has been removed, simply landscape it in your preferred style.

What’s the fastest way to remove a stump?

The quickest way to remove a stump is to grind it using a stump grinding machine.

What’s the easiest way to remove a stump?

The easiest way to remove a stump is to hire a tree surgeon. They’ll have the necessary equipment to quickly and easily remove the stump.

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