A comprehensive look at Vaillant combi boiler prices (2023)

Vaillant is a well-renowned and trusted boiler manufacturer in the UK that has been in business for over 140 years. With good after-sales service and support, as well as a comprehensive range of boilers to suit any residential need, Vaillant is widely recommended by boiler engineers.

As a premium manufacturer, Vaillant boilers aren’t the cheapest available, but they do perform very well for the price bracket and are well worth considering.

The question, of course, is how much? We’re here to answer all with our guide to Vaillant combi boiler prices – it’s a riveting read!

The Average Price of a Vaillant Combi Boiler

Don’t have enough time to go through the whole list and are just looking for a ballpark figure? We don’t blame you.

  • A Vaillant combi boiler will cost you between £730 and £2,800
  • Combi boilers don’t require an additional hot water cylinder or tank
  • Don’t forget installation costs
  • The Vaillant boiler prices are determined by the size of the boiler and its power output as well as the features of the model chosen

What Is the Right Vaillant Combi Boiler to Buy?

It’s essential to get the right boiler for the size of your home. Boilers with higher output (measured in kW) will be able to warm more radiators and heat larger houses. If your boiler is too small, then it will be inefficient and unable to properly keep your home warm or quickly fill a bath, so it’s important that you budget accordingly. Trying to cut back your budget and getting the wrong sized boiler will only cost you more in the long run.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Smaller flats and one to two bedroom properties can select from Vaillant’s range of smaller ecoTEC and ecoFIT boilers such as the ecoFIT 825, between 12 kW (approx. £800) and 25 kW (approx. £1,100).
  • For a two to four bedroom property, consider a 30 kW boiler, such as the ecoTEC Plus 630 combi boiler (approx. £1,200).
  • Larger homes with multiple bathrooms and en-suites should look to boilers of 35 kW and above, for example the EcoTEC Plus 637 (approx. £1,300) or EcoTEC Plus 838 combi boiler (approx. £1,800).

Are Vaillant Combi Boilers Energy Efficient?

Like most top-quality boiler manufacturers, Vaillant work on making sure their boilers are eco-friendly and energy efficient. All their combi boilers are A rated for efficiency, making them a great choice to heat your home.

How Much is a New Vaillant Boiler Fitted?

Depending on the size of your home, the boiler in question, and other factors such as any additional work, installing a Vaillant boiler is likely to cost between £500 and £1,500.

Remember, it’s really important to have your boiler fitted by a professional – this really is not a DIY job! Check to make sure any fitters are properly qualified and certified Gas Safe. A boiler that’s been inexpertly installed will run poorly as well as voiding any warranty, and may present a significant danger in your home.

New Vaillant Combi Boiler Prices

The cost of a new boiler does fluctuate based on new products and availability, so it’s always worth speaking to an expert to see the best deal you can get. Using data from top comparison site, compareboilerquotes.co.uk, we’ve put together up-to-date information and created a current Vaillant combi boiler price list, featuring ecoTEC Plus and ecoFIT Pure boilers in a range of output sizes:

Vaillant Combi Boiler Prices (July 2023)

Boiler Output Price
ecoTEC Plus 12 kW £735
ecoFIT Pure 12 kW £844
ecoTEC Plus 615 15 kW £865
ecoTEC Plus 618 18 kW £962
ecoFIT Pure 18 kW £1,005
ecoFIT Pure 25 kW £1,059
ecoTEC Plus 624 24 kW £1,086
ecoFIT Pure 30 kW £1,164
ecoTEC Plus 630 30 kW £1,190
ecoTEC Plus 637 37 kW £1,259
ecoTEC Exclusive Green IQ System 27 27 kW £1,310
ecoTEC 46 kW £2,210
ecoTEC Plus 48 kW £2,215
ecoTEC Plus 64 kW £2,630
ecoTEC 65 kW £2,810

The Difference Between Vaillant’s ecoTEC and ecoFIT Boilers

Like many manufacturers, Vaillant loves its code names for its boilers. Two of their premium products are the Vaillant ecoTEC range and its ecoFIT collection, often with boilers having comparable output power wattage. So what’s the difference and which is right for your home?

EcoTEC combi boilers have been designed to feature an electronic air/gas modulation system that optimises the combustion efficiency by continuously monitoring and altering the proportions of the two in the boiler. This technological advance helps improve the overall efficiency of the boiler and, ultimately, means less fuel is used and bills are kept lower – great for everyday use.

The ecoTEC range includes ecoTEC Exclusive, the premium product for which you should expect to pay a little more, ecoTEC Plus, the general all-rounder, and ecoTEC Pro, for those looking for ecoTEC technology on a budget.

The ecoFIT combi boilers, including the ecoFIT Pure, are designed to squeeze their way into small spaces such as kitchen cupboards – the FIT part in the name is to do with fitting in smaller homes, not because they go to the gym a lot! They may not have quite the features of their ecoTEC siblings, but are impressive energy efficient combi boilers with a very discrete footprint that are perfect when you don’t want a larger boiler taking up space in your kitchen.

When it comes to the price vs. output, ecoFIT and ecoTEC boilers can be very similar in final cost so it comes down to picking the boiler that’s the best fit for your home.

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