How to add value to your home

Whether you’re looking to sell your property and cash in on the record-breaking house prices or you’re embarking on a renovation project and plan on selling in the future, making certain changes to your home can instantly add value.

But before you go knocking down walls and digging up gardens, you should know exactly what you can do to maximise the value of your house. With the cost of living only increasing, getting a good ROI is more important than ever.

Convert a cellar

In a recent survey carried out by housebuilder Redrow, 32% of responders said floor space is a top priority. If you have ready-made unused floor space in the shape of a cellar, you’re in luck.

Figures by Property Price Advice have shown that transforming a cellar into a living space can increase a property’s price by up to 30%. If you have a family property creating a snug or cinema room can appeal to buyers with children, whilst gyms or a home office set-up can attract professionals and couples.

basement conversion

Create living space in your garage

If your garage is just gathering dust and being used as a dumping ground, you could add up to 15% with a conversion. Single garage conversions cost between £6,000 – 15,000. You won’t need planning permission to convert a garage in most cases, but it’s always worth checking with your local planning authority.

Before you go ahead with the work, you’ll need to make sure the garage is structurally sound by hiring an approved independent inspector.

Integral garages work well as additional living room spaces, whilst detached garages are great if you work from home. Remember to insulate it to keep it warm during colder months.

Extend the kitchen

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. And for the last couple of decades, open-plan kitchen diners have been high on prospective buyers’ wish lists, and extending the kitchen either out to the side or the rear of the property is a great way to increase its value.

Outdoor-in living is here to stay and adding bi-fold doors that seamlessly link the kitchen to the garden can add up to 15%. If you’re extending by less than 4m in height, and no wider than half the width of the original house, you won’t need planning permission.

kitchen extension

Add a bedroom

Depending on the pitch of the roof, you could add an extra bedroom – and maybe even a cheeky ensuite and see the value of your home increase by about 15%. Whilst the majority of conversions are classed as permitted development, Mansard conversions with a horizontal roof extension tend to need planning permission.

Because most loft bedrooms tend to be hotter than bedrooms on lower floors, you should consider using light bright colours with a blue undertone and natural materials like seagrass carpets and light wood finishes.

Increase space with a conservatory

Being surrounded by nature has a plethora of benefits, and erecting a conservatory can help you create the feeling of being outside, even on the dullest and coldest of days.

In order to capture modern buyers’ imaginations, choosing an orangery style conservatory will offer you more bang for your buck. Unlike traditional conservatories which have floor to ceiling windows and a glass roof, modern-style orangeries feature less glass, but they feel more integral to a house.

Adding a conservatory that increases useable space, without dwarfing the garden can add around 10% to your home.

Image of a conservatory

Create kerb appeal

First impressions are key when it comes to selling your house – or even just impressing your neighbours!

No matter how big or small your outside space, if you show it some tender loving care, you could easily add up to 10%. A deck or patio can transform a garden, and if dressed with outdoor furniture can feel like an additional room.

A new driveway can instantly change how a property looks from the road, whilst a fresh lick of masonry paint can lift a house and make it feel like a brand-new home.

Hire an expert

To make sure you’re doing your home justice and adding as much value as possible, it’s always worth speaking to a few experts.

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