How soon can you walk on laminate flooring after installation?

Are you installing new laminate flooring and wondering how soon you can walk on it? To allow the floor to settle into place, you should wait 24 hours after most laminate flooring installation.

However this can vary based on the specific type and brand of laminate and the installation method used. In some cases, manufacturers say that you can walk on the floor immediately.

a person walking on laminate flooring

Read on below for some general guidelines to follow.

Leave your flooring to acclimatise

Laminate can expand and contract with the room’s temperature, so it is advisable to leave your laminate flooring to acclimatise to the room’s temperature for 48 hours before installation.

Check the installation method

Floating installation method: Nowadays, most laminate flooring products are designed for a floating installation and have a click lock system that joins them together. With these products, you can walk on laminate flooring almost immediately.

However, it is still good practice to exercise caution, especially immediately after installation. Avoid dragging heavy objects or wearing high heels, as these could damage the flooring.

Glue-down installation method: This is quite an outdated method of installing laminate flooring so it is rare that your floor fitter would use this. However, if they do, when flooring products require an adhesive glue-down installation method, you need to leave them to dry and settle before walking on them.

If you walk on them before allowing the adhesive to dry, you risk breaking or making the planks loose.

However, as I’ve said, nowadays, most laminate flooring is designed for the floating method, so this shouldn’t apply.

The above are just guidelines and you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific laminate flooring product you have purchased. Some products may have specific instructions regarding acclimatisation periods, temperature, and humidity conditions that must be met before installation and walking on the floor.

You can also consult your local laminate floor fitter to ensure you don’t walk on your newly installed laminate flooring too soon!

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