Cheap TikTok energy saving home improvement hacks that'll save you money

We’re all feeling the effect of soaring prices right now. Couple that with sub-zero temperatures and the winter chill has very much arrived.

That’s why we’ve curated twelve TikTok videos to show how you can save money and feel warmer – all for under £20, and some even for free.

1. Turn the hot tap pressure down a little

Check under the taps behind your sink and you’ll usually see two isolating valves that can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Turn them anti-clockwise to reduce the flow rate a little. This will help you to save on gas since you’re using less hot water (you’ll also save on your water bill but the saving on water is less).

Cost: £0

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2. Fit draught excluders around doors

A draughty door is one of the quickest ways to lose heat from a room. Self-adhesive draught excluders can be purchased from many DIY retailers for as little as £0.80 per metre so you can fit it to a typical door frame for less than a fiver. Don’t forget the letter box cover for extra warmth!

According to the Energy Saving Trust draught proofing doors and windows could save you £60 per year.

Tip: Don’t forget to fit it on the loft hatch, heat rises remember!

Cost: £4.38 per door (based on draught excluder purchased from B&Q for £0.80 per metre)

@thatpropertyguy It’s getting COLD! Consider draught-proofing your home 🥶🏡 #house #winter #cold #lifehack #diy #fyp ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

3. Block unused chimney’s

If you have a chimney and don’t use it you can guarantee you’re losing heat through it. has built a business by selling just the solution that starts at £16.

Cost: £16

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4. Insulate hot water pipes

We all know we should insulate our lofts effectively, but what about the hot water that flows through the pipes straight out of the boiler? Pipe insulation is cheap and really easy to fit. For less than a fiver you can insulate five metres of pipe.

Cost: £5

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5. Insulate the hot water tank

Does your hot water tank have its coat on? If not then according to the Energy Saving Trust it could be costing you a whopping £315 per year, that’s huge! The good news is you can pick up a hot water cylinder ‘jacket’ for just £16.48 from

Cost: £16.48

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6. Fit secondary glazing film

Secondary glazing film helps to stop draughts around windows and to create a double-glazing effect. It’s available from as little as £1.33 per metre squared online. More permanent perspex alternatives are available but they work out a bit more expensive.

Cost: £1.33 per square metre

@homediydiary This is a budget friendly way to add secondary glazing/insulation to cold windows. Particularly effective on single glazed windows but I’m using this on older double glazed windows. I’ve answered FAQs and explained more on my IG highlight “save heat”. #homeheatingtips #windowglazingfilm #homediydiary #irishmom #weatherproofing ♬ original sound – Mom & DIY Content

7. Seal cracks around window and door frames

Cracks around window and door frames create an inefficient seal between the inside and outside of your home that will contribute to heat loss. They’re straight forward to seal using decorators caulk which is available at virtually any DIY store from as little as £1.19 for a tube which will be plenty for most jobs.

Cost: £1.19

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8. Fit a water-efficient shower head

For most households, their biggest water usage is showering. Water-saving shower heads reduce the amount of water you use without impacting the pressure (so your morning shower will still feel the same). There’s a double saving here on both gas (or electric if it’s an electric shower) and the water itself.

Some water companies give them away for free.

Cost: £0 Save money on your water bill today with our efficient shower head. Save 4L per minute. #energybill #energybills #energybillincrease #energybillsincrease #showerhead #waterbill #waterbillgonnabehigh ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

9. Put radiator reflector panels behind your radiators

Installing reflector panels behind your radiators reflects heat back into your home to help minimise heat loss. They only need to be used on external walls. According to Screwfix they can cut heat loss by up to 50% and are available from £7.99.

Cost: £7.99

@thatpropertyguy Give your radiators a BOOST! Install reflector foil! ❄️🏡 #winter #home #fyp ♬ Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac

10. Bleed radiators

Over time air can build up in radiators. If when you turn the heating on, the top of your radiator is cold and the bottom warm, then it’s time to bleed it.

When your heating is off and the radiator is cold, hold an old rag under the bleed valve and gently turn the valve using the bleed key until it hisses. Once the hissing stops (which indicates the air is out) and water starts to come out, turn the bleed key the opposite way to close the valve.

Cost: £0

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11. Fill gaps between floorboards

If you’re lucky enough to have exposed floorboards in some of the rooms in your home you’ll know how much character they can add. You’ll also know they can be a little chilly during the winter months. It is possible to fill the gaps using a special draught excluder like DraughtEx or StopGap.

Cost: £1 per metre

@user4046284900688 Back to it and today it’s refilling gaps and holes in a wood floor. The boards are ok but need some repairs. I’m determined to keep to reuse them and not recover with carpet. They will be painted so don’t need to be absolutely perfect. #oldhouse #floorboards #revamp #ronseal ♬ original sound – Kate of @lilywenbungalow

12. Draught exclude the bottom of internal doors

This one is really quick and easy to do. It’s especially useful if you’re only heating certain rooms in the house and want to stop the heat from escaping.

@allen07sv #fyp #convenience #Door crack #seal ♬ Banana (feat. Shaggy) [DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix] – Conkarah

Most of these you can do yourself. So pop down to your local hardware store this weekend to help improve your energy efficiency (and save money on your heating bills).

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