We used AI to analyse over 10,000 reviews about tradespeople

See what customers say & which trades win

We analysed over 10,000 reviews that customers wrote about tradespeople they’d hired. We used advanced text analysis to gauge and measure the sentiment of phrases for twelve different trades.

The traits customers talk about most when they leave a review are professionalism (42%), quality of work (34%), and punctuality (13%).

  • Tree surgeons are perceived as the tidiest.
  • Plumbers are the best at returning calls or messages.
  • Tilers are the most likely to be recommended.

See the full results below for more insights.

Which traits are most important to customers?

So what do customers talk about most when they write a review? Well, it’s professionalism and the quality of work that take the lion’s share.

Most common tradespeople traits

Top traits – which trades came out best?

We dug deeper into the five traits that people really care about; professionalism, quality of work, punctuality, tidiness and perceived value.

# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Painters 1,647
2 Tilers 1,590
3 Handymen 1,508
4 Gardeners 1,504
5 Heating engineers 1,486
Quality of work
# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Builders 1,567
2 Painters 1,410
3 Carpenters 1,395
4 Tilers 1,285
5 Plasterers 1,082
# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Heating engineers 654
2 Handymen 590
3 Painters 488
4 Plumbers 478
5 Electricians 458
# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Tree surgeons 414
2 Plasterers 336
3 Painters 252
4 Heating engineers 229
5 Gardeners 211
Perceived value
# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Electricians 178
2 Plasterers 151
3 Plumbers 143
4 Roofers 126
5 Heating engineers 107

* Net Sentiment Score is the number of positive instances of a phrase relating to a trait minus the number of negative instances. For example if a trade has 100 positive instances of a trait and 10 negative instances, their Net Sentiment Score is 90.

Trades most likely to be recommended

All experienced tradespeople know that the best way to keep a steady stream of customers queuing is to get recommended by previous customers.

So how likely is each trade to be recommended?

Here are the top five…

Most likely to be recommended
# Trade % of customers who’d recommend their trade
1 Tilers 57%
2 Painters 56%
3 Plasterers 53%
4 Handymen 49%
5 Heating engineers 49%

Which trade is best at returning calls and messages?

A common grumble amongst customers or potential customers is ‘they never got back to me’.

So which trades are the best at getting back to customers?

Best at returning messages
# Trade Net Sentiment Score
1 Plumbers 122
2 Heating engineers 106
3 Electricians 57
4 Tree surgeons 56
5 Builders 39

Which words do customers use most?

To help visualise the kind of language customers use when they write a review we’ve created this word cloud with the most popular phrases used.
my local toolbox tradesperson review analysis word cloud
Watch this space for more insights from our analysis of 10,000 reviews.

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