10 TikTok hacks that add up to £7,500 of value to your home

Tik Tok’s ever-growing popularity has brought us a surplus of great hacks and ideas, and when it comes to recreating your home’s aesthetic, it is a fantastic resource if you require some home improvement inspiration.

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We have compiled a list of some of Tik Tok’s best hacks when it comes to upgrading your home, from painting your old tiles, to fixing squeaky staircases. These hacks will improve the look of your abode while adding extra value to your home. Whether you are looking for your latest DIY project, or simply browsing for new ideas, here are My Local Toolbox’s top 10 Tik Tok hacks that will help you add £7,500 of value to your home.

Paint your tiles

@averagebutinspired The power of paint gets me every time! #paintedtile #bathroommakeover #tilepainting #homediyproject ♬ The Home Depot Beat – The Home Depot

Cost: £100

Value added: £400

Are you tired of your outdated or dull bathroom tiles? Maybe they are a colour you have fallen out of love with, or you are looking for a way to decrease the price of your latest bathroom refurbishment. Whatever the scenario, this Tik Tok hack will completely change the look of your old tiles at a cost of just £100.

Start by cleaning and scrubbing the tiles thoroughly, and you could sand them to scuff them up a little. It is a good idea to opt for a strong primer first, to ensure your paint job is long-lasting. Then, give the walls in need of a paint-job two or three coats of your chosen paint. Your bathroom will look brand new, and you’ll add £400 to your home’s value with this easy hack.

Add office space

@funcydecor2021 Need an office but don’t have space? Introducing the “Cloffice”- office in your closet! #office #clofficetour #cloffice #clofficeinspo #homedecor ♬ The Office (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

Cost: £300

Value added: £800

Cleverly dubbed the ‘Cloffice’ by this Tik Tokker, they have taken utilising their storage to the next level by making a cosy office space, in their closet. When you are working from home, it might be a struggle to find a peaceful working environment, or you could just need a space to stay focused. If you want a desk at home, but you have limited space, the Cloffice might be just what you need.

Take some time to measure your designated closet, choosing a desk and accessories that fit the space well. Get some lighting, to brighten up your new office, and you’re ready to work from home. This hack could cost up-to £300, depending on the furniture you opt for, however the added value to your home for its new office space? £800. Worth it? We think so.

Install DIY wall panelling

@decoazul_byscarllett DIY #boardandbatten #wallpanelling #greenwall #diyproject #diyhomedecor #homehacks #homemakeover #homedecor #BetterTogetherChallenge ♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

Cost: £500

Value added: £1,500

This simple DIY addition to your home can add a whopping £1,500 to its value. Despite the simplicity of this hack, adding wall panelling to a basic wall can seriously upscale the look of your desired room. You can create an attractive feature wall in a living room or bedroom, or even a hallway, for a bargain price. You will need to spend around £500 for this DIY hack, add a lick of paint, and you can completely change the aesthetic of a room in your house overnight. Thanks, Tik Tok!

Add smart features

@alexa99 Whether you’re trying to 🚿, 🥘, or 🧹, I’ve got you covered with this #SmartHome #Technology! #AmazonAlexa #Tech #SmartHomeInspiration #SmartHomeTechnology ♬ Smart Homes Just Make Sense 2 – Alexa

Cost: £600

Value added: £1,000

Another great way to upgrade your home is to add some smart features. In this Tik Tok, with Amazon’s Alexa features, you can simply ask the virtual assistant to carry out everyday tasks. Whether it be turning on the shower after a long day or switching your lights on and off. Just setting up at home smart features is guaranteed to give your home a high-tech and modern feel. This inexpensive hack can add a value of up to £1000 to your home, and you will never have to turn on the microwave by yourself again.

Vinyl your kitchen tops

@jesrosevinyl Answer @im_siowei 🤗🤗. #vinylwrap #diyproject #renterfriendly #diyguru #peelandstick #selfadhesivevinyl #budgetdiy #kitchenwrap #diywithme #upcyle ♬ Rollin’ (feat. Burna Boy) – MIST

Cost: £150

Value added: £700

Another great home improvement idea from Tik Tok is using vinyl to upgrade your kitchen tops. This is a very low-cost hack, which can add a significant amount of value to your home. Getting your kitchen tops refitted is often expensive, however, with vinyl you can do it yourself at home, for a fraction of the price. This is also a great idea in rental properties, as the vinyl can be removed before your tenancy is up, and then you can get that deposit back!

Build your own library

@librariankristyn IKEA billy bookshelf hack! So happy to finally have the home library of my dreams 🤩 #booktok #ikeahack #billybookcase #homelibrary #diy ♬ More Than Friends – Aidan Bissett

Cost: £300

Value added: £800

If you frequent booktok, you might have a large collection of books, without sufficient storage space. Well, Tik Tok has an answer for that too, you should build your own library! This Tik Tok hack is a dream for book lovers everywhere, a budget-to-build bookshelf to display your favourite novels in your home. It not only looks great in a home office or living space, but for just £300 this convenient feature could add £800 of value to your home.

Depersonalise your living space

@homeappeal Selling your home? Here’s what it means when the Realtor says to depersonalize it. #sellingyourhometips #depersonalize #styleyourhome #homestaginghacks #stageyourhouse ♬ original sound – Michelle @ Home Appeal

Cost: £0

Value added: £400

This hack is free, and it comes as great advice from a real estate professional. You should ‘depersonalise’ your living space, to give it a light and bright look. Remove any towels from the kitchen tops or toiletry bottles from the bathroom and find them new homes, in drawers, cupboards or baskets. You could replace the items with accessories, like vases, flowers, and trays to make your space stay stylish without clutter.

If you’re hoping to sell your house, this is also a good hack as it can help potential buyers to envision their own personal items in the house a lot better.

Pressure wash your garden patio

@coppergreenhq So satisfying! Cleaning this client’s patio today #cleaningtiktok #asmr #asmrtiktoks #patio #asmrvideo #cleantok #pressurewashing #beforeandafter ♬ original sound – coppergreenhq

Cost: £300

Value added: £1,000

If you choose to power wash your patio, you could be adding a value of £1000 to your home, but only spending £300. That is a great deal, and let us tell you why.

As you can see in this Tik Tok hack, the difference between the patio before and after it has been power washed is significant, and a dirty patio can accentuate any uneven areas or cracks in the surface whilst also looking, well, dirty. A clean patio is a lot more attractive, and your outdoor area will look brand new!

Update your front door

@allthingskatiesantana My front door has come a long way! #home #frontdoordecor #decor #falldecor #decorhacks ♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

Cost: £150

Value added: £700

There is no doubt that your front entry is your home’s first impression, so it makes sense to make it as appealing as possible. This Tik Tokker has completely upgraded the view of her house from the front, and you can too for only £150. Choose a doormat that you love, and add a stylish collection of plants, baskets, and more. If you’re thinking about upgrading your front door, there are a lot of options, so no matter what your style is, this Tik Tok hack is a definite must for anyone.

Fix your squeaky stairs

@thehomeimprovementsuk HOW TO FIX YOUR SQEAKY STAIRS #fyp #homeimprovement #diy #tipsandtricks #likeapro #stairs #fix #youcan ♬ Guud Gurls – Breaking Beattz & Kzn

Cost: £100

Value added: £250

This Tik Tok hack seems too easy for such an annoying household problem. Putting an end to squeaky stairs may seem like an impossible task; however, this Tik Tokker has demonstrated that it is possible with a cheap and simple bargain fix.

Pick up some PVC glue, and mix it with water. Then, pour it into the gaps of your squeakiest stairs; simple, and you’ve added £250 of value to your home. What a result!

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