7 of the cutest TikTok barkitecture projects

Over recent years, thanks to the pandemic, there has been an increase in the dog population, with approximately 31% of UK households owning a dog.

Studies have shown that dogs can improve your health, including your heart, due to having to walk them every day, plus lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Most dog lovers will agree with this and the joy that they bring, so it won’t come as a surprise that dog architecture (pet owners redesigning their home with their beloved dogs in mind) or ‘Barkitecture’ as it’s now known as, has become one of the big home decor trends. The search term ‘luxury dog room’ on Pinterest was up 115% last year, driven by Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Judging by TikTok, this is still very much on trend, with people designing luxury dog beds, dog showers and even their own houses! Take a look to see what lengths people go to, to make their pooches comfortable.

1. Doggie playhouse

This married couple built their puppy a little house in the garden with wall-to-wall tile flooring and a removable top to make it accessible for cleaning. Inside it has picture frames, paintings, and a window with curtains and fake flowers for the little pup to look out of. It even has steps covered with artificial grass leading up to a second floor for her to enjoy her food. This is one lucky little pup!

@janet_herron Replying to @alexjohnson847 luxury dog house #doghouse #fyp #dog ♬ Paradise – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™

2. World famous doghouse

This guy went to town for his golden retriever dog Teddy. He built a doghouse with soundproof walls, so his dog wouldn’t hear the noise if there were storms. Inside it has a raised bed with built-in drawers for his toys, a custom fireplace with a mantelpiece and a TV. The outside resembles any human house with stone built around the door, a roof and wired outdoor lighting.

@aguyandagoldenThe famous doghouse, complete with a Playdog magazine and all.♬ Praise God – Kanye West

3. The practical doghouse

You’d like to build a dog house but don’t think you have the room? Take a look at Eggnog the Bulldog’s custom-built doghouse. This little house has a cosy room with lights that change colour, a cupboard for all her toys, a water tap and pull-out bowl for when she gets thirsty, plus a ramp up to her human parents’ bed for cuddles! What more would a dog want?!

@eggnogthebulldog My doghouse is better than your apartment…🏠 A tour of my custom crib! 🏠 Follow us on Instagram for more! 💜 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #spoileddog #mtvcribs #housegoals #homegoals #doggosoftiktok ♬ original sound – Eggnog The Bulldog

4. The dog shower

A regular wash is a must for dogs if you want to remove dirt and odour and reduce shedding so a walk-in dog shower is a fantastic idea if you have the space! You can wash their muddy paws from all those wintry walks so they don’t drag mud and dirt into your living space.

This chic blue metro-tiled shower is perfect for two large Newfoundland dogs!

@lily_the_newfie Lily & Winston’s new dog shower built by their grandad ⭐️ #foryou #dog #dogsoftiktok #renovation #renovate #cutedog ♬ original sound – Lily & Winston

5. Making use of dead space

Most of us have that cupboard under the stairs that is full of toot, right? Well, instead of having an ugly crate taking up space in your house, why not clear it out and do what these TikTokers did and turn it into a dog room…

@lizgreenwalt Hi, I’m back. #dogroomtour #dogroom ♬ Hits 2021 – Mashup – Trinix Remix

6. Upcycle old furniture

Now, this is only a good idea for those who have dogs on a smaller scale, but if you’ve got a cabinet that needs a bit of love and care and is not used for much, then upcycle it and turn it into a cosy little house for your beloved doggie!

No more ugly dog beds lying around the house – they will be tucked away in the cupboard!

@renewedcreations #puppytiktok #dogsofttiktok #dogsoftiktokviral #puppy #dog #fyp #viral #farrowandball #upcycle #transformation #upcycledfurniture #furnitureflip ♬ original sound – Sickickmusic

7. The ultimate dream doghouse

This is a bit extreme and expensive, but this owner loves her dogs so much that she had a separate, two-storey dog house built for her two golden retrievers! We may actually want to live there ourselves?!

@chipgirlhere @chippups ♬ original sound – Burgundy

Any of these design ideas inspire you for your beloved dog? Some of them might be possible to do yourself but if not, why not get a tradesperson to help you design and build a bespoke area for your four-legged furry friend?

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